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China: SPACES, Songcheng VR for theme parks

June 8, 2016

New Virtual reality attractions will entertain visitors to mainland China’s most popular theme parks under a $30 million joint venture announced between SPACES and Songcheng, one of the world’s biggest theme park operators.

Utilising creative tools and technology SPACES is developing specifically for theme parks, the joint venture will bring unprecedented virtual reality and mixed reality attractions to Songcheng’s theme parks – which drew nearly 23 million parkgoers in 2015, according to Themed Entertainment Association data.

“VR and MxR will be incorporated into existing shows and rides in ways that have never been possible, with thousands of people able to experience VR simultaneously,” said SPACES CEO Shiraz Akmal. “Showcasing the transformative nature of virtual reality on such a wide scale will also help the entire VR industry grow at an increasingly faster pace.”

SPACES will also work with Songcheng to bring its massively popular live-streaming video site 6Rooms ( – which has more than 33 million unique users every month – to VR and MxR platforms.

Cathy Zhang, CEO of Songcheng, added: “Virtual reality and mixed reality can revolutionize almost every interaction our guests have in our theme parks and on 6Rooms. This joint venture opens the door to a new and exciting future that is limited only by the imagination.”

In Songcheng’s theme parks, VR and MxR elements will be added to existing attractions, including elaborate, epic stage shows that on their own attract more than 7 million people annually. Songcheng-SPACES also plans to build unique, standalone virtual reality attractions and parks throughout China.

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