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MPP Global adds predictive churn functionality

June 14, 2016

MPP Global has added further enhancements to its eSuite with the introduction of predictive subscription churn functionality.

The technology helps organisations identify high risk subscribers who are likely to churn enabling them to proactively target and re-engage with these customers in order to minimise churn and maximise revenues. In live environments where predicted churn was measured against actual churn, precision rates, which measure how many high risk subscribers actually go on to churn in the following month, of 85 per cent to 98 per cent were experienced.

Chris Cheney, CTO at MPP Global, said: “We are very excited with eSuite’s predictive churn functionality and the benefits it will bring to the market. We have the expectation to bring in further data points for which clients will understand more about what leads to subscribers churning and act in the best way to prevent it.

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