Advanced Television

Yospace Dynamic Ad Insertion for DASH

July 7, 2016

Yospace, a specialist in Dynamic Ad Insertion technology, has announced support for MPEG-DASH.  The development compliments Yospace’s award-winning DAI solution for HLS, enabling broadcasters to monetise their live and on demand content in a DRM-protected environment across all major online platforms and devices.

Yospace’s system allows advertisements to be replaced in live simulcast with ones that are relevant to the interests of each viewer.  Ad stitching is performed on the server-side, contributing to a user experience that is completely seamless and in line with expectations that have been set by years of watching traditional linear television.

Yospace says the announcement is particularly good news for providers of live sports and major event broadcasting, who are finally free from a lot of the complications brought about by fragmentation in the browser space.  In running a combined HLS and DASH strategy broadcasters are finally able to reap the benefits of personalised ad insertion across a range of platforms, while maintaining the integrity of their hard-won broadcast rights.

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