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Keepixo Genova Manager for OTT and IPTV Head-Ends

September 8, 2016

IBC 2016, AMSTERDAM, September 8, 2016
Keepixo, a leading provider of software-based head-end solutions for IPTV and OTT today unveiled Genova Manager, a new service management framework which significantly streamlines configuration, deployment and monitoring of IPTV and OTT services.
Service providers operating hundreds of services are often faced with the challenge of configuring and monitoring their full channel line-up in an efficient way that avoids fastidious and repetitive tasks. Genova Manager, the latest addition to Keepixo’s Genova Software suite for OTT and IPTV head-ends, was designed to address this specific need by managing all the components of the Genova Software suite including Genova Live, Genova File, Genova Origin and Genova Mosaic. It provides a powerful and user-friendly Web GUI to manage and supervise the complete channel line-up. An API based interface is also available.
Genova Manager implements dedicated features to simplify all aspects of managing head-ends with hundreds of encoding or OTT packaging services:
• Configuration of services is made straightforward through the use of templates to apply the same settings to all associated services at once.
• Deployment is simplified through the creation of clusters so that services can be easily assigned to any available computing device. Automatic or Manual re-assignment of services on spare devices in case of failure is also provided.
• Operation and monitoring of services is available from a single view with extensive information on the state of running services.

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