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LeCloud and Cisco partner

September 14, 2016

Cisco is teaming up with LeCloud to drive the development of Digital Rights Management (DRM) through its VideoGuard Everywhere DRM solution. The two companies have built a DRM cloud platform that makes cloud services global. It is compatible with multiple DRM protocols and able to provide one-stop solutions. With this, the two companies are working together to promote the disruptive transformation of DRM business models and innovation in the global video cloud service ecosystem.

“Cisco is committed to helping customers seize opportunities in the new round of tech revolution and industrial transformation, to create new business value for them,” said Zhang Li, Senior Vice President, Great China, Cisco. “Cisco is collaborating with LeCloud, in order to respond to the wave of digital content protection in the Internet+ era and ensure the secure, convenient, stable and cross-platform circulation of video content across the globe. It is our goal to protect security everywhere, to build the new engine for the protection of digital content through technological innovation, and to provide unlimited possibilities for the disruptive development of the next generation DRM cloud services.”

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