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Hitron debuts handheld spectrum analysis meter at Cable-Tec Expo

September 29, 2016

Hitron Americas Technologies, the fastest-growing DOCSIS customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, will unveil a game-changing, hand-held meter at Cable-Tec Expo, Sept. 26-29th in Philadelphia. This rugged hardware will deliver a precise level of detailed network information for technicians in the field, promising to be an industry disrupter due to its breakthrough low cost.

The CGN-DP2 is unlike any handheld meter in the market. With embedded 802.11n 2×2 2.4 GHz radio, the meter transmits network metering information to the technician’s iOS or Android device while doing away with a built-in display which removes cost and extends the CGN-DP2’s battery life.

This app-based flexibility enables MSOs to define test plans of different scenarios that the plant or install techs will require through the available SDK.  Combined with the ability to report all gathered information to the MSO, this brings flexibility, quality and accuracy for the technician as well as immediate ticket tracking, such as Certificate of Birth installation data.  Furthermore, by leveraging the ubiquitous smartphone, the technician has a larger, HD-quality touch-screen experience when viewing and manipulating the data generated by the DOCSIS probe.

The meter’s feature set includes:

  • Spectrum analysis
  • QAM constellation and lever monitoring
  • Upstream equalization analysis
  • BER and MER metrics
  • Initialization and provisioning status
  • Ping and trace route utilities

“Technicians will be able to see and respond to all events which occur on the network through this device. Handheld meters commonly sell for $8,000 to $10,000; we have been able to pack all of the most-used features into a smaller package which sells for a significantly lower price. Our cable operator customers have shown incredible interest in the CGN-DP2. The expression “game changer” is widely-used, but this product truly fits the description,” said Greg Fisher, CTO of Hitron Americas.

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