MoMedia signs 4 new digital IP brands for distribution

MoMedia, the digital distributor and content management company, has signed new deals with four of the biggest digital-first IP brands in the world of children’s entertainment.

Indian YouTube brand ChuChu TV, 30-channel network Hooplakidz, language-education platform Badanamu and Brazilian kids’ music project Lottie Dottie Chicken (Galinha Pintadinha) have all joined the MoMedia roster for distribution on both local and worldwide transactional EST (electronic sell-through) and SVOD streaming platforms.

ChuChu TV claims to be the third-most watched YouTube channel brand in India, with 5.7 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion video views. YoBoHo, now part of Vancouver-based Broadband TV (BBTV), specialises in creating original digital children’s content for its Hooplakidz Network!, which consists of 30-plus channels and characters tailored to children of all ages and stages. Yoboho’s content reaches more than three billion views per year, of which Hooplakidz represents two billion.

Korean outfit Calm Island’s Badanamu is an integrated digital and physical platform built solely for educational use. Its assets include 200 unique educational videos, 200 storybooks with full interactive apps, 150-plus learning games, IQ and level testing, and multiple intelligence learning algorithms. Brazilian app creator and developer Zeroum has signed with MoMedia for the distribution of the Brazilian music-video phenomenon, Lottie Dottie Chicken, which is now one of YouTube’s top-20 children’s brands.

MoMedia’s digital distribution portfolio already includes a number of high-profile kids’ brands, notably Outfit7’s Talking Tom and Friends and Zinkia’s Pocoyo. With these new deals, MoMedia now manages six of the biggest digital kids brands and five of the top-10 YouTube children’s brands, which together represent some 32 million subscribers and have over 27 billion views.

Lucas Bertrand, CEO of MoMedia, said: “Kids’ content is at the forefront of the seismic shifts that are shaking entertainment and media, as we transition into a direct-to-consumer world of distribution and consumption. We realised this when we opted to focus on quality children’s content, and announced our ambition to become the number-one distributor in the digital space. These four new deals indicate that our distribution expertise across multiple platforms, supported by a raft of tried-and-trusted content optimisation services, have real value in a market that is shifting shape by the day.”

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