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ODTV launches OTT in Azerbaijan

December 6, 2016

SotalCloud, a global provider of OTT online video platform technology for VoD and Linear TV, has announced the successful launch of a new OTT streaming video service and app for ODTV, the leading non-cable TV service provider in Azerbaijan. This new project for ODTV is the first multiscreen live and on-demand TV service in the country and expands on the current ODTV service based on a set-top box into smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

SotalCloud worked with ODTV to manage the technical aspects of the service, such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) media servers, asset management infrastructure and tailored APIs to deliver a comprehensive OTT service and app. SotalCloud also added personal video recorder (PVR) and catch-up capability to its existing customizable platform to meet ODTV’s needs.

Alexey Tyurkin, Head of ODTV, said: “From the first proof-of-concept to going-live with the app and service took just four months. In a market where being first with a service that appeals to subscribers can make all the difference to success, this speed was important to the ODTV launch. We have a unique offer – a live service that customers can trial for free for 60 days, which means that we are generating some great interest and our story is spreading by word-of-mouth.”

SotalCloud CEO Russell Foy added: “SotalCloud has the unique ability to quickly tailor our platform, assemble the required back-end technology and – where needed – content. This helps our customers to bring a service to market with minimal start-up costs.

“This ‘TV-as-a-Service’ model is one of SotalCloud’s advantages – the company doesn’t just innovate in technology, it is also offering a different kind of business model with revenue-sharing and other options on the table.”

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