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Sky Italia to transfer Sky TG24 to Milan

January 19, 2017

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Sky Italia has presented a reorganisation plan to unions that foresees the transfer of news channel Sky TG24 from Rome to Milan.

The plan consists of a number of efficiency measures that involve, in varying degrees, all offices and most of the corporate departments, including the IT and technology department and regional offices.

According to the pay-TV operator, the measures aim to make the company “even more innovative and efficient, able to react quickly in an industrial and technological rapidly evolving environment”. All this takes place in the context of a “complex Italian market, characterised by economic problems and regulatory rigidity that still do not facilitate investments”.

The decision further strengthens Sky Italia’s Milan Santa Giulia hub that has become a centre of European competence and excellence for broadcasting and IT activities, also serving Sky Germany and Sky Arte.

In a statement, Sky Italia said that since 2003 it has invested around €20 billion in content and technology.

Meanwhile, the unions point out that the reorganisation plan will mostly impact Rome, where 70 per cent of the work force will be laid off or transferred. Ultimately, according to them, about 120 redundancies and 300 transfers are expected. Milan and the other regional offices will lose about 80 workers.

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