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Sky Media enables real-time ad purchases

March 16, 2017

Sky Media, the ad sales division of Sky, has launched the second phase on its programmatic TV roadmap, expanding the platforms and inventory that are available through the new Sky AVx (Audio Visual Exchange) and, for the first time, giving buyers the capability to purchase audiences and make decisions in real-time on Sky’s owned and operated TV and VoD inventory, all in an automated way.

The successful pilot phase ran earlier in the year with media agency group Omnicom, which was able to purchase Sky’s first Programmatic Broadcast Solution via Sky Go’s livestream. Through an automated process, Omnicom bought advertising space against its core audiences within Sky Go’s live linear channels including Sky 1, Sky Sports News and Sky Atlantic.

Sky Media is now in active discussions with a number of other key partners as the project expands. The company stated: “It is of central importance to both Sky and its advertisers that the process is all underpinned by TV integrity. The entire process is fully Clearcast compliant to ensure that the right ads play out at the right time, to the right audiences, in a completely seamless and safe environment.”

Sky has partnered with Videology to build the Sky AVx programmatic ad system. This technology will allow buyers to transact media purchases through a Demand Side Platform (DSP),  giving them more control than ever to choose what advert a user sees at a given moment.

Sky Go’s live TV broadcast was the first phase on a roadmap that includes VoD, media partner extensions and in time, the full suite of Sky’s broadcast platforms.

Graeme Hutcheson, Director of Digital and Sky AdSmart at Sky commented: “Sky is on a journey to deliver a programmatic solution in the efficient, effective, measurable and brand-safe environments advertisers demand. These first steps are significant and will allow real-time ad decisions to be made in a live broadcast environment for the first time.”

Harriet Perry, General Manager at Accuen (Omnicom Media Group’s centre for programmatic media) added: “For the first time, the UK market will be able to tap into the £5 billion TV industry using programmatic technologies. This means that clients are now able to make more informed buying decisions, in real-time, during live TV broadcasts. We’re thrilled to be Sky’s exclusive partner for the launch of Sky AVx and help to deliver programmatic TV, something that has been highly anticipated in the UK.”

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