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Success, plus a shock, for SpaceX

March 16, 2017

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX successfully launched EchoStar-23 into transfer orbit in the early hours of March 16th. But news has emerged that SpaceX’s insurance costs for using the Kennedy Space Centre launch sites has risen 5-fold.

The USA’s Federal Aviation Commission granted permission to SpaceX for it to resume rocket launch flights from the Florida facility – but at a price.

SpaceX is now required to carry insurance against damage to government-owned property at the launch site totalling $63 million. The previous damage insurance was just $13 million.

But a catastrophic explosion while a rocket was in pre-flight mode on September 1st and caused millions in damages to Launch Pad 40, and put the pad out of action for some 6 months, has forced the FAA to insist on higher insurance cover.

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