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Accedo unleashes DogTV on Amazon Fire, Roku

May 10, 2017

Accedo has extended the world’s first TV channel for dogs, DogTV, to Amazon Fire TV devices across the globe and modernised DogTV’s user experience on Roku.

DogTV is already available in 13 countries and is a 24/7 digital TV channel scientifically designed to reduce stress and separation anxiety in dogs when left alone.

The DogTV experience is managed by Accedo’s cloud-based video experience platform, Videa and includes a mix of live and VoD content. In-app purchase will enable dog owners to purchase a monthly subscription for access to live and premium VoD content.

“As more and more pet parents realise that TV programming for dogs can be both enriching and entertaining, the demand for DogTV across platforms has increased,” commented Omri Urzad, VP of Digital, DogTV. “Accedo’s technology platform has helped us meet this demand by extending access to our programming on Amazon Fire TV, which will ultimately help us reach new audiences and grow as a network.”

“Videa has the power to build, deliver and manage high performing video apps across all platforms – in real-time,” added Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo. “We’re truly excited to see the level of innovation in the TV industry at the moment, and targeted, highly specialised video services like DogTV are a huge opportunity for the industry to take advantage of new technology to cost-efficiently reach new audiences and revenue streams.”

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