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Telefónica TV launches Braille app

May 19, 2017

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Telefónica, the University Carlos III and FASOCIDE (the Federation of Deaf-Blind People) have developed an app called GoAll, based on PervasivSUB technology, which allows people who are both deaf and blind (of which there are 20,000 in Spain) to receive and enjoy TV content without intermediaries at the same time as others around them.

PervasiveSUB sends all the subtitles of TV channels to a central server which forwards them to tablets or smart phones. Then, they are sent to the Braille line of the user through the GoAll app. The app is compatible with different Braille lines and enables to control the speed of the subtitles captured directly from the broadcasters.

All the national DTT channels and Regional DTT channels in Madrid have integrated the technology with the app available free of charge on iOS and Android.

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