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Simulmedia VAMOS SaaS

June 5, 2017

Simulmedia has begun to license a standalone version of its patented Video Advertising Marketing Operating System (VAMOS), a predictive planning, analytics and execution platform for TV. VAMOS will now be offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) to marketers, agencies, TV media owners and distributors to optimise their TV campaigns on an audience and outcome basis on their own, and with their own media and own data.

VAMOS, which took hundreds of thousands of engineering hours to build, creates custom audiences based on CRM, 1st and 3rd party data and granular viewing behaviour. It factors in 180 million viewing events each day and 25,000 targeting attributes for nearly 60,000 different brands then evaluates hundreds of millions of combinations of national media plans – based on audience purchase likelihood and predicted future viewing – to deliver the most effective campaign.  Finally VAMOS, through its massive single source panel, reports on actual media delivery and resulting sales impact and conversions, both of which Simulmedia will continue to guarantee as superior to traditional TV planning.

“With nothing else in the market like it, there has been huge demand from marketers implementing zero-based budgeting and concerned about their advertising ROI to have more direct control and transparency over how VAMOS uses their own marketing and sales data, their proprietary customer segmentation and targeting strategies and media integration,” says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. “This is the same platform Simulmedia has used for thousands of campaigns, most of which we guaranteed the sales outcomes. No TV ad platform has ingested and analysed more audiences and more campaigns. It is now available for direct usage by marketers, agencies and TV media owners and distributors. From the start we have planned to offer VAMOS as an external SaaS, but needed to wait for the market to catch up it its unique capabilities.”

VAMOS External will support key TV currencies such as Nielsen, the emerging OpenAP standards and will work seamlessly with other advanced TV offerings as they develop. Users will load their own first party data sets then have the ability to integrate them with external data sources such as MRI, Nielsen, Oracle, IRI, Nielsen Catalina Systems and many digital data sources including walled gardens.

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