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RSCRYPTO announces availability on Montage Chip

June 14, 2017

RSCRYPTO, a pioneer in Conditional Access Security(CAS), has announced the availability of its PHI CAS 2.5 on Montage Chip.

Via embedding technology of SypherMedia International (SMI) from SOC layer, operators can take full control of PHI CAS STB, built on Montage chip M88CC6000.

“Traditional Conditional Access Systems are mostly pretty-gardened technology. Each vendor owns from Back End system, to Library on STB& Security on Chipset. Technically it is a little bit stopping, operator from flexibly controlling the hardware& industry from smoothly merging into more consolidated networks.   Commercially it is creating more and more discriminatory, such as STB vendors licensing & recommendation, ” said Levent Le, COO and CO-Founder of RSCRYPTO.
“CAS shall be a tool more to secure content and serve operators than to secure customer accounts in any way.”

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