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Spotify overtaking YouTube as main music app for Gen Z

June 28, 2017

A report from BPI/ERA, entitled Generation Z: Meet the Young Millennials, explores the music consumption habits and social media behaviour of today’s young Millennials (aged up to 19) and how their engagement across streaming and video platforms and social media and messaging apps, including Instagram, Snapchat and, is shaping longer-term trends.

Highlights from the report include:

  • YouTube is the most pervasive entertainment platform for Gen Z, peaking at 94 per cent monthly penetration among 16-19 year olds.
  • However, for these 16-19 year olds, as interest in music develops, Spotify is overtaking YouTube as the main music app, with 53 per cent weekly user penetration compared to 47 per cent for YouTube.
  • Music is the most widely watched content type among 12-15 year olds on YouTube.
  • UK teens (16-19 years) are more willing to pay for music. 67 per cent consider it to be worth paying for regularly compared to 56 per cent of overall consumers.
  • A third of 8-11 year olds in the UK use Snapchat, rising to 67 per cent for 16-19 year olds, while 63 per cent of 16-19 year olds use Instagram.
  • Messaging apps like Snapchat and Instagram are replacing social networks for Gen Z.
  • Streaming is transforming Gen Z’s relationship with music: 74 per cent of all 16-19 year olds say they are mainly listening to single tracks and playlists instead of albums.
  • 71 per cent of 16-19 year olds listen to music radio on an at least monthly basis, just 3 percentage points above the all-ages average.

Speaking about the findings, Geoff Taylor, chief executive BPI & BRIT Awards, said: “If we are going to prepare for the future of music, we need to better understand Generation Z and the influences that shape their engagement with music. These young digital natives are not only important as a key segment of the market, but the way they interact with music helps to unveil trends that will become more widespread among music fans over time.”

Kim Bayley, chief executive ERA, added: “It’s not news that entertainment is changing, but none of us should underestimate the achievement of the streaming revolution. Not only has it helped stop piracy in its tracks, it has created the first real growth in the music industry in more than a decade and has done so with an unbeatable consumer proposition: 24/7 access to virtually all the music in the world. In the fast-paced digital world, however, nothing is forever and it is vital to stay close to emerging generations of music fans, many of whom were not even born at the dawn of the MP3 age.”


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