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SpaceX scrubs Intelsat launch again

July 4, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Rocket company SpaceX scrubbed its Monday evening launch of Intelsat’s 35e satellite. It was the second cancellation of the launch, and again the launch was aborted at the ten seconds to lift-off.

In a tweet, SpaceX said it was standing down for the day due to a violation of abort criteria, adding that the payload was in good health. It said the next launch opportunity will be on July 4th.

SpaceX shifted the launch time twice on Monday evening, from the initial 7.37 pm Florida-time to the final time of 8.35 pm because of weather anxieties. When the launch was finally scrubbed the company said it was standing down for the day, no doubt to allow technicians and engineers to get home for the July 4th holiday.

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