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IdeaNova rolls out Inplay Instant for IFE

July 7, 2017

IdeaNova Technologies, a provider of Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solutions and Digital Rights Management (DRM), unveiled Inplay Instant, their newest multimedia player. Now, airline passengers can quickly and easily playback any DRM content—such as Hollywood movies—on their laptop or any web browser, regardless of the supported DRM Content Decryption Module (CDM).

With the new player operators can incrementally rollout DRM platforms on their own schedules, without impacting a consumer’s ability to watch content in their platform of choice. Since the player is DRM agnostic, customers can choose which platform to support.

“We believe this will have a huge impact as it gives operators more time to rollout new technology while providing entertainment to customers on their existing platforms,” said Juraj Siska, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies.

“The flexibility of the Inplay Instant technology gives us freedom to combine features and functionality from each DRM vendor, while maintaining the web look and feel that is so desired by our customers. For example, we can now deliver web playback of offline content that the customer downloaded while in connected mode,” Siska added.

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