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Elastic Media launches EVE

July 13, 2017

Elastic Media, a media-tech company using cognitive real-time video editing and streaming technology, has announced the immediate availability of EVE, a game-changing ‘VoD-clipping’ bot that allows video game streamers, the latest generation of influencers, to produce useable content from assets that were previously less accessible.

The clipbot, named, “EVE” (Elastic Video Engine) uses Artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary deep-learning technology to automatically detect single games within complete gameplay video VoDs. It is not unusual for these video assets to be over 8 hours long. EVE then splits these into intuitive segments and creates video clips that can be monetized, distributed to viewers and help players to build their brand on social media.

“We’re extremely pleased to launch EVE and excited to see where this technology will take us,“ said Ronen Shoval, CEO and Founder of Elastic Media. “Competitive gaming really does have its sights set on the stars at the moment, and continues to grow at an exponential rate year-on-year. At Elastic Media, we feel it’s important that those within the gaming community have the best tools available to find, create and enjoy their favorite content.”

EVE also automatically tracks metadata, taking it directly from the video file – intuitively tracking statistics across a range of areas such as win/loss percentages, and how often particular ‘heroes’ are picked across a range of games. With EVE, streamers content creators and competitive gamers can readily collect and analyze data about the games they play, subsequently using it to improve their play or create data-related analytical content for their viewers/followers.

“We’re confident that technology such as EVE is the way forward”, continued Shoval. “It will help to create a faster, automated and altogether more user-friendly experience for competitive gamers and their fans, and we passionately believe that it has all the right qualities to revolutionise the way people consume video content.”

The launch of EVE aims to significantly impact the dissemination of content within the ‘eSports’ or competitive gaming environment, and will be used by leading players to condense games from Hearthstone and other popular games into bite-size, user-friendly VODs that can be released on social media and online video platforms. 

Andrew Ringlen, COO of Opera Event, a leading gaming social media company said, “ The EVE platform is destined to make a huge impact on our industry. Automated editing of gameplay video will be extremely valuable to both professional and amateur gamers, and can dramatically change the quality of crafting gameplay videos”.

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