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Gamers prefer mobile phone

March 1, 2011

Among mobile phone gamers in UK and US, the mobile phone is now the primary gaming device of choice, leapfrogging video game consoles and personal computers in less than two years, according to a study by Popcap Games.

‘Smartphone’ owners are by far the most avid consumers of mobile phone games. These and other purchase and consumption trends identified suggest growth in the mobile games sector will continue for the foreseeable future. Overall, more than half, about 52 per cent, of the 2,425 survey respondents said they had played a game on a mobile phone at some time in the past, about 73 per cent of UK respondents said they had played a mobile phone game at least once, compared to 44 per cent of US residents.

When asked which gaming-compliant device they play games on most often, 44 per cent of mobile phone gamers chose their phones, catapulting handsets past video game consoles, about 21 per cent, and computers, about 30 per cent, to the top of the list. Nearly 51 per cent of avid mobile gamers and 55 per cent of those mobile gamers who own smartphones indicated they played games most often on their phones.

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