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TiVo’s Cubi Solutions for Conax Arena

September 18, 2017

Colin Mann @ IBC

Conax has pre-integrated TiVo’s Cubi Solutions for its new Conax Arena flexible multiscreen hub.

Conax, a provider of content and service protection for digital entertainment services, has developed the Conax Arena multiscreen hub to provide operators with the ability to deploy a flexible, pre-integrated solution that encompasses all of the key components needed to launch a complete multiscreen offering. TiVo’s Cubi Solutions will be available to Conax Arena customers at launch.

Cubi Solutions include CubiTV – the hybrid entertainment discovery solution that unifies content, listings and recommendations from linear TV, VoD and OTT sources – and CubiTV for Mobile, a multi-screen entertainment discovery solution that enables access to content across multiple platforms and is compatible with nearly all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

“Our aim is help operators drastically reduce CAPEX and provide a level of customization usually available to only the largest operators in the world,” said Tom Jahr, EVP Products & Partners, Conax. “Conax Arena represents the perfect platform for future growth that supports the modular, pay-as-you grow price model in line with all Conax offerings.”

“TiVo’s collaboration with Conax shows how our product innovations are enabling technology partners and their operator customers to rapidly integrate the latest interactive broadcast technologies into their existing and new-to-market offerings,” added Jakub Gorski, vice president of Cubi Solutions, TiVo. “TiVo’s Cubi Solutions make it easier for operators to ensure that their viewers find the content they’re looking for quickly and easily. Our latest research shows that 50 per cent of viewers ‘strongly agree’ that, for the amount they pay for their TV service, it should be easier to find what they want to watch, reinforcing the importance of content discovery in today’s entertainment environment.”

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