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M-Three Satcom choose Brainstorm for 3D studio advanced solution

September 19, 2017

M-Three Satcom and Brainstorm has announced the agreement, through Italian distributors and integrators FOR.A and Professional Show, for the acquisition of a turnkey solution based on the advanced VirtualStudio system Infinity Set, Brainstorm’s virtual set and augmented reality solution, for the new studio facilities of Giglio Group in Milano. The studio will be implemented and will be fully operational for first transmissions in october and will support most of the content production of Giglio Group T-Commerce channels as well as third parties and clients need with the best and most innovative concepts in 3D image, virtual and augmented reality and tele transport.

During Q4 2017 the Studio will be officially presented to clients and viewers in a road show which will includes the Genova 2-month Exposition “4.0 – our life in the digital era” organized by Giglio Group a Palazzo Meridiana (23rd Oct – 26th nov) on the theme of the changes and benefit of digitalization to main life aspects as Education, Media, Commerce, Fashion and way of life. The first channel to fully use the Studio facilities will be on air on DTT and satellite starting January 2018.

Miguel Churruca, Brainstorm’s Marketing and Communications Director: “We are delighted that a leading group such as M-Three Satcom, along with our trusted partner FOR.A, is relying on InfinitySet for their new and innovative facilities in Milano. InfinitySet, our award.winning solution, will help M3 to create amazing content with new levels of complexity and realism because of the vast array of augmented reality and virtual set tools it provides.”

Michele Magnifichi, Managing director of Giglio Group Media & Broadcast division: “We are really happy to start the new studio facilities with an innovative concept and we are really excited for all the possible application we will be able to provide with Brainstorm and Infinity Set. Giglio group and M-Three satcom structure is always leading and ahead with new solutions and use the most advanced application and system available in the market. In choosing Brainstorm we are sure to be in the position to develop top level transmissions in the T-Commerce group activity as well as for general entarteinement, sport and educational transmissions for our key Broadcast customers and partners.

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