Advanced Television

Lotame launches aiTV suite

September 26, 2017

Lotame, the independent data management platform (DMP), has announced the launch of its aiTV suite of new products focused on bringing greater audience intelligence to television and video. These offerings will live under Lotame’s newly formed aiTV division, led by General Manager Doug Pollack.

“Lotame’s proven onboarding, mapping, and managing of audience and viewership data uniquely positions us to bridge the gap between digital and traditional TV advertising,” said Pollack. “With aiTV, marketers and broadcasters now have the right tools to bring true audience intelligence to TV advertising, and to reach specific TV viewers digitally.”

“Our experience with Lotame has shown their extensive capabilities in targeting television audiences through an approach not yet seen across the ecosystem,” said Jennifer Colwell, Director of Research at NBCU. “Utilizing a robust sample of viewership combined with a wealth of consumer-driven data gathered from established, reputable partners, Lotame projects to be a leader in revolutionizing the television advertising industry.”

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