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Rightscorp pursues Chinese business strategy

October 3, 2017

Rightscorp, a provider of data analytics and litigation services, as well as copyright infringement protection services to support artists and owners of copyrighted property, has announced plans to further its international expansion with the signing of a consulting agreement with Chinese entrepreneur Vincent Yen to formalise an agreement with a major Chinese media company, to monitor copyrighted content for online infringement from the world’s most populous country, the People’s Republic of China.

As part of the agreement, Yen will assist Rightscorp in securing an exclusive anti-piracy relationship to represent Chinese audio and visual copyrights and monitor peer-to-peer activity in the US for infringement of Chinese content. Discussions are underway to bring Rightscorp’s technology to China for both Chinese and US content.

Since 2005, The National Copyright Administration in Beijing has pledged a campaign against online piracy, targeting unauthorised streaming, downloading and sales of literary, film, television and music works. Beijing’s municipal copyright administration has been monitoring videos and music streaming websites to deter copyright violation. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pledged to offer full support on internet supervision and detection to help the fight against online piracy.

Rightscorp President, Christopher Sabec stated, “Participating in the Chinese market has always been compelling. We have held promising meetings in Beijing with both State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) and Chinese media companies, and are extremely excited to be working on initiatives to educate on the detrimental effects of illegal peer-to-peer file sharing. We are a proven solution for tracking, enforcement, and monetization of P2P infringements, and believe this is yet another testament to the effectiveness of our value and service.”

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