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Harding leaving BBC

October 10, 2017

James Harding, Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC, will stand down at the beginning of the new year to set up his own news media venture.

Harding commented: “I am proud to have worked for BBC News as we renewed our reputation for responsible, powerful journalism: agenda-setting coverage of politics, business and the society we live in; current affairs exposing controversial issues with discipline and determination; the best and bravest international reporting, when big moments in history unfold and when under-reported stories desperately need to be told.”

“[…] There is some journalism that the BBC, for all its brilliance, can’t, and probably shouldn’t, do. And that’s what I want to explore: I am going to start a new media company with a distinct approach to the news and a clear point of view. I know I will enjoy the chance to do some more journalism of my own and, at such a critical time, I’m seriously excited about the prospect of building a new venture in news. I look forward to being able to say more about it when we get started in the New Year.”

Tony Hall, Director General, says: “James has done an incredible job during a hugely complex and momentous period of British and world history. He has led the BBC’s coverage through two referendums, two general elections, an astonishing US Presidential election, not to mention a series of extraordinary events at home and abroad.”

Harding was appointed in April 2013. He has overseen all of the BBC’s News and Current Affairs programming, he was previously editor of The Times.

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