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Portugal, Greece, Israel climb Neflix Speed Index

October 10, 2017

Netflix has released September data from its ISP Speed Index – a monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

Thailand’s 3BB and Hargray in the US experienced the largest speed gains this month. 3BB’s speeds gained by 0.50 Megabits per second (Mbps), increasing its average monthly speed to 3.49 Mbps, up from 2.99 Mbps in August. Hargray’s average sped up to 3.37 Mbps, up from 2.81 Mbps last month.

ISPs in Taiwan, Israel, Portugal and Greece also experienced meaningful speed gains, bolstering their respective country rankings:

  • In Taiwan, speeds climbed at FarEasTone, CNS KBT and Taiwan Mobile. FarEasTone’s monthly average increased to 2.58 Mbps (from 2.10 Mbps in August), CNS KBT’s speed increased to 3.56 Mbps (from 3.17 Mbps in August) and Taiwan Mobile’s speed increased to 2.19 Mbps (from 1.80 Mbps in August).
  • In Israel, speed gains at four ISPs helped Israel rise 12 spots to 20th in our country rankings. The gains happened at (0.42 Mbps gain to a 3.04 Mbps average), TripleC (0.40 Mbps gain to a 3.06 Mbps average), XFone (0.40 Mbps gain to a 3.00 Mbps average) and Netvision (0.34 Mbps gain to a 3.36 Mbps average).
  • In Portugal, Nos saw speeds climb by 0.40 Mbps to a monthly average of 3.47 Mbps and MEO’s speeds climbed by 0.31 Mbps to a 3.61 Mbps average for the month. These gains helped Portugal rise ten spots to 24th in our country rankings.
  • In Greece, speed gains at OTE (0.39 Mbps gain to a 2.97 Mbps average) and Cyta Hellas (0.33 Mbps gain to a 2.63 Mbps average) helped Greece climb five spots to 40th in our country rankings.

Meaningful speed decreases were experienced by Japan’s NIFTY, with speeds slowing by 0.26 Mbps to an average monthly speed of 2.95 Mbps, and Ireland’s Imagine, with speeds slowing by 0.27 Mbps to an average of 2.50 Mbps.

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