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RiksTV chooses AdScribe Audience

October 10, 2017

AdScribe, a subsidiary of Zenterio, has announced that Norwegian pay-TV operator RiksTV has deployed its audience measurement and analytics tool AdScribe Audience to measure live TV; time-shift TV; catch-up TV; and VoD content viewed on connected set-top boxes, Android apps and iOS devices.

Running in the cloud, Audience collects data about what is being watched, processes it, and presents the information to RiksTV, according to standard industry metrics such as share, reach, and rating, via an intuitive browser-based UI. By providing RiksTV with access to detailed, first-party data and analytics, Audience enables the operator to proactively tackle pressing business issues, increase ARPU, and maximize cost savings.

“As TV viewing continues to fragment across multiple devices, it is essential that we are able to accurately measure and analyse viewing habits to fully understand customer behavior and take actionable insights to help drive product innovation and increase customer satisfaction,” said Ole Martin Andersen, head of market insights at RiksTV. “AdScribe Audience is the ideal fit for our needs, making it easy to create custom segments of customers based on criteria such as viewing behaviour, devices used, location, and more. By allowing us to provide a tailored television experience to viewers, Audience helps to increase our customer loyalty and attract new subscribers.”

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