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Taplytics launches TV app testing support

November 20, 2017

Taplytics, a product experiment solution, has announced the introduction of TV app testing support for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Devices.

Taplytics now enables companies to test their product decisions on TV apps the same way that they do on web or mobile to enhance viewing experiences across all device types. TV apps are very different than mobile apps, with clear user interactions and far less complicated interfaces and moving parts. The simplicity of TV app interfaces gives content providers the opportunity to run impactful tests that will reveal how they should be customising the user’s overall experience on every device. This is particularly important now that consumer attention is constantly being divided amongst multiple screens.

“Netflix, Hulu and HBO are changing the way we watch, distribute and monetize TV,” said Aaron Glazer, co-founder and CEO at Taplytics. “Since OTT adoption is on the rise, we saw an opportunity to offer support. We’re very excited to be part of the fast-growing OTT word and to help our customers continuously enhance the user experience.“


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