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Airgain selected by AirTies to drive in-home Wi-Fi performance

November 29, 2017

Airgain, a global player in wireless connectivity platforms, has been selected by AirTies Wireless Networks to enhance Wi-Fi coverage and video streaming performance within the home. AirTies Wireless Networks, the most widely deployed provider of managed Wi-Fi Mesh solutions to global service providers, will use Airgain antenna technology in its Air 4920, which is used to extend the Wi-Fi signal and capacity into hard to reach areas within subscribers’ homes to enhance overall coverage.

The Air 4920 Mesh Extender provides ultra-reliability, high speed connectivity for real-time video and data transmission in the home. It has the capabilities to stream UHD videos over 5GHz with the super-fast 802.11ac technology, and also provides the best possible wireless performance for legacy wireless devices which support only 2.4GHz at the same time.

“Subscribers today are more dependent than ever on the performance of their Wi-Fi networks, as we witness a proliferation of connected devices, video streaming and demands for faster internet speeds,” said Metin Taskin, Chief Technology Officer, AirTies. “Airgain is widely recognised for delivering high performance wireless connectivity, and we are proud to be working with them to provide premium in-home Mesh Wi-Fi with the Air 4920.”

AirTies’ Air 4920 Mesh Extenders placed around the home create an intelligent mesh network that ensures consistent, high quality whole-home internet coverage. Airgain antenna technology will help support the Air 4920 advanced interference avoidance capabilities, with the wireless extender scanning all channels, monitoring traffic and noise in each channel and dynamically changing channels to avoid interference if necessary.

“We are delighted to be working with AirTies to deliver best-in-class wireless performance for the Air 4920 that will benefit customers, as the demands for best in class connectivity in the home grows,” said Morad Sbahi, Airgain’s General Manager, EMEA. “AirTies is driving innovation in the connected home and we are excited to be supporting the delivery of high performance connectivity products.”

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