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Technicolor HDR for Philips TVs

January 8, 2018

Funai Electric, the exclusive North American licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home video products, has confirmed that Technicolor HDR will be integrated into US market 2019 Philips televisions in conjunction with the launch of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard.

Work is underway to include HDR in the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard, expected to be commercially available in late 2018 or early 2019, which will allow over-the-air broadcasters to deliver HDR content, including live events such as sports.

Funai is exhibiting at CES 2018 where the company is demonstrating prototype Philips TV sets showing HDR content using Technicolor HDR technology.

“We believe that Technicolor HDR with its superior quality will deliver an exceptional viewing experience when watching over-the-air TV or RF/cable,” said Peter Swinkels general manager, Overseas Product Planning Dept., Funai Electric Co., Ltd. “Sports in particular, will benefit from the enhanced image quality, as will other live broadcasts.”

“Funai’s announcement contributes to Technicolor’s ongoing mission to bring the best HDR experience to consumers worldwide,” said Kirk Baker, senior vice president, Emerging Products, Technicolor. “With Technicolor’s HDR technology embedded in Philips TVs for the US, consumers will experience sports as if they were in the stadium. The color accuracy, expanded color gamut, and enhanced details will add an extra dimension to the viewing experience that traditional SDR simply can’t give you.”

The Philips line will be compatible with Technicolor HDR technology, which simultaneously distributes HDR and SDR content through one single stream.

“The presence of Philips TVs in the US market that incorporate Technicolor HDR is further evidence of how rapidly this technology is evolving and being implemented,” noted Frederic Guillanneuf, head of business development for HDR at Royal Philips. “It also reflects the importance of delivering high quality HDR or SDR to any screen regardless of specific formats. Finally, it strengthens the link between two leading brands in video – Technicolor and Philips.”

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