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INSIGHT TV for China

January 18, 2018

INSIGHT TV, a UHD broadcaster and producer of native UHD HDR content covering action sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, has announced its first distribution deal in China with Belcor Media. INSIGHT TV’s UHD content will be available to Chinese audiences on a 24/7-basis, adding to the growing number of regions that have access to INSIGHT’s content.

Belcor Media is a consulting firm that helps broadcast and media companies launch and expedite their businesses in China and across Asia. Thierry Raymeakers, Founder & Principal at Belcor Media says, “We’re excited to help INSIGHT TV make inroads into a new market and build a footprint in Asia. The company produces some of the best 4K HDR content in the world and when you couple this with the pressing demand for UHD content in China, there’s a solid opportunity for growth here.”

“China represents a strong and growing market for UHD content, especially when you look at the rapid pace with which 4K television sets are being shipped there,” adds Rian Bester, CEO, INSIGHT TV. “At the same time, there’s limited UHD content available in China, so this deal with Belcor Media really gives us an exciting opportunity to break into a new market where we can meet the growing consumer demand for high-quality 4K UHD programmes.”

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