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SK Broadband launches AI IPTV service

January 29, 2018

SK Broadband, a fixed-line affiliate of Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom, has launched a voice-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) IPTV service.

SK Broadband told the Korean Times that it has integrated its IPTV B tv set-top box with SK Telecom’s AI platform NUGU, branding the new service B tv x NUGU.

The Seoul-based company said that it has accumulated technical knowhow since it began a voice search service in December 2016 for the first time among other IPTV service providers here. Its new offering enhanced the voice search service further, enabling customers to search for a programme using natural language even if they do not know the exact name of the programme.

“After the search results come out, customers can perform additional searches until when they find the content they want,” an SK Broadband official said.

For example, if a user says, “Find ultra-high-definition American action movies released in the 2000s,” the user can keep searching by saying, “Among those, find free movies only” or “Find those starring Russell Crowe.”

Youn Seug-am who leads the media department of SK Broadband said, “Previously, users could search for certain words only using the voice search service, but the new service enables more complicated searches by natural language.” He said the company will continue to develop its natural language processing functions.

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