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Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Malaysia drop in Netflix Speed Index

February 13, 2018

Netflix has published January data from its ISP Speed Index – a  monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

South Korea’s D LIVE had the largest speed gain in January, gaining by 0.59 Megabits per second (Mbps). This increased its average monthly speed to 2.84 Mbps, up from 2.25 Mbps in December. D LIVE was followed by Switzerland’s Swisscom, with speeds climbing to a monthly average of 4.75 Mbps, up from 4.26 Mbps the month prior. Other gains include AIS in Thailand, gaining 0.45 Mbps to an average of 4.45 Mbps, and Netvision in Israel, gaining 0.30 Mbps to a 3.35 Mbps average.

There were several notable speed losses on the index this month in Saudi Arabia, the Asia-Pacific region and others.

Saudi Arabia’s STC experienced the largest loss on the index this month (at 0.70 Mbps), decreasing its monthly average to 2.17 Mbps, down from 2.87 Mbps in December. This loss and others contributed to Saudi Arabia’s nine-spot drop to 54th in our country rankings.

In Asia, ISPs in Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan saw speeds slow in January:

  • In Indonesia, Indosat-Fibre’s speeds declined to a 3.69 Mbps average (from 4.26 Mbps in December) and Neuviz’s saw speeds slow to a 1.80 Mbps average (from 2.26 Mbps).
  • Malaysia dropped 15 spots to 38th in our country rankings. Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s speed loss of 0.64 Mbps contributed to the drop.
  • Taiwan dropped 5 spots to 31st in our country rankings. KBro’s speed decline to a 3.05 Mbps average (down from 3.40 Mbps), among others, contributed to the drop.

Additionally, there were significant speed losses in other countries:

  • Hargray in the United US saw speeds decrease to a 2.41 Mbps average (down from 2.89 Mbps in December).
  • Wind Hellas in Greece saw speeds slow to a 2.62 Mbps average (down from 3.03 Mbps).
  • ETB in Colombia saw speeds decrease to a 2.54 Mbps average (down from 2.94 Mbps).

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