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Bitmovin brings AI to encoding

March 27, 2018

Bitmovin, a specialist in online video technology, has announced the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered encoding, speeding up processing and enabling service providers to deliver significant improvements in video quality.

A standard encoding process involves performing an in-depth analysis of the entire video before encoding is started. Bitmovin’s AI-powered Encoding technology works by continuously learning the parameters used in previous encodes, so that it can apply AI-optimised settings to every new video file. By enriching its containerised encoding software (which enables video to be split into chunks for more efficient encoding) with machine learning capabilities, Bitmovin is able to achieve both faster processing times and significantly higher quality with no increase in bandwidth.

“Bandwidth should never hold back operators from delivering the best possible quality experiences,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder at Bitmovin. “Artificial intelligence is a step-change in encoding, allowing operators to significantly improve the visual quality of streams, eliminate buffering and improve consumer satisfaction.”

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