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Hulu makes 20m subs; talks of downloads

May 2, 2018

Hulu, the US streaming service, has announced that it now has over 20 million subscribers, up from the 17 million back in January.

The company said: “total engagement: is up by 60 per cent. That 20 million total is spread across Hulu’s various service tiers including its core ad-supported service, Hulu with No Commercials, and Hulu with Live TV.”

A new combo subscription with Spotify is aimed to help boost Hulu’s momentum, but most people aren’t streaming Hulu on their smartphones. The bulk of Hulu viewing takes place in the living room; 78 per cent of streaming happens on connected TVs, according to Hulu’s own data.

Hulu also revealed that a new “ad-supported downloadable content experience” is coming. It will allow subscribers to store content on their device to watch when they’re without a connection.

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