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FC St. Pauli launches online video platform

May 3, 2018

TeraVolt and 3 Screen Solutions announced that German Bundesliga football club FC St. Pauli has launched a new online video service for fans based on ‘Jupiter’, the new end-to-end multiscreen sports video platform devised by TeraVolt which takes advantage of 3SS’ 3READY front end solution.

3READY at Jupiter’s front end enables broadcasters and service providers to fast-track launches of engaging branded services. At Jupiter’s core is a custom designed data engine which dynamically captures a variety of information from the live action on the pitch to create multiple feeds of video, statistics and screen graphics which enhance the broadcast. By combining and modulating the data being generated and collected, using complex algorithms, the data engine enables viewers to benefit from individual highlights, one-click access to their favourite scenes and live on-screen analysis.

“With Jupiter, together with 3SS we are offering an entirely new class of video platform for sports broadcasting,” said Tobias Kunkel, Managing Partner of TeraVolt. “Our goal for Jupiter is to provide an end-to-end solution to enable sports teams of all kinds, like FC St. Pauli, to more powerfully engage with their fans via multimedia services that deliver deeper viewer appeal and traction, meanwhile benefitting from maximum operational flexibility.”

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