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Dutch space approval for 50 IoT satellites

May 9, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Magnitude Space, recently renamed as Hiber Global, has received approval from the Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands to launch a fleet of up to 50 small nano-satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

Hiber has its R&D in Delft (Netherlands) and its HQ in Amsterdam. It was established in 2016 and is part-supported by the European Space Agency.

Hiber describes itself as the ‘Low Power Global Area Network’ but also as a user of “Teeny-weeny satellites, [with] massive coverage”.  The satellite will “skim” the Earth at 600 kms high, and “create a global network of super-efficient, super affordable satellites.”

The first pair of its planned fleet will launch this summer (on an Indian rocket), and grow to a total of 48 satellites over the next 5 years.  The system can handle ‘messages’ of up to 1250 bits, and uses the 400 MHz frequency band on the ground and S-band for satellite connectivity.

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