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Karate Combat on UFC Fight Pass

July 19, 2018

UFC Fight Pass has confirmed it will live-stream events from the new Karate Combat promotion, beginning with next Saturday’s event which takes place in Athens, Greece.

Karate Combat features elite level karateka competing in a specially designed slope-sided fighting pit, using full contact (aka full-force) rules. That ruleset, combined with the promotion’s fondness for exotic locations (the July 28 event takes place in the ancient Zappeion Courtyard, the site of the first modern Olympic Games back in 1896) results is a unique and wildly entertaining combat sports event.

Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat, commented: “We are excited to have UFC Fight Pass as a distribution partner and we appreciate their interest in our brand. Combat sport viewers around the world can witness the new sport of professional karate on July 28th at Karate Combat: Olympus.”

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