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Samsung €19.25 billion R&D for 5G, AI, SoC

August 8, 2018

Samsung said it wanted to build “an innovation ecosystem” for the coming years. As part of its three year plan, it will bolster its team of AI researchers to 1,000 across its R&D centres worldwide.
The company said: “Samsung expects innovations powered by AI technology will drive the industry’s transformation, while the next-generation 5G telecommunications technology will create new opportunities in autonomous driving, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics.”
It will also develop a range of system-on-chips for autonomous driving based on its semiconductor, telecoms and display technologies products, as well as build new chipsets to support AI, 5G and data centres.
The €19.25 billion investment is part of a wider KRW180 trillion (€138.64 billion) spend to support capex and research and development. Samsung said KRW130 trillion (€100.13 billion) of this bonanza will be spent in its native Korea.
The electronics company, which is also to explore biopharmaceuticals as part of its new plans, said it would double the number of employees it planned to hire over the next few years to 40,000.
Its C-Lab in-house incubator will back 500 projects, 300 external and 200 internal, to help foster new kinds of solutions and businesses.

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