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NAGRA, SPORT TV anti-piracy initiative

September 7, 2018

By Colin Mann

Content protection and multiscreen television solutions provider NAGRA and Portuguese premium sports network SPORT TV, are joining forces in the fight against streaming piracy of live sports content. SPORT TV, which owns the exclusive rights to Portugal’s football league, leverages NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services to protect the premium sports network from illegal live streaming of soccer matches in Portugal and around the world.

“SPORT TV invests significantly and prides itself in providing the world’s best sports programming to its viewers,” explained Rui Marques, from SPORT TV. “To protect SPORT TV’s value, and above all to protect consumers from dangerous behaviours that might put in risk their privacy and personal safety, we need to ensure that our content is distributed exclusively through the legitimate channels. As the leader in content protection, NAGRA was the best partner to join forces with and help us preserve that investment not only for our rights holders, but for the enjoyment of our viewers.”

“We applaud SPORT TV in taking the first step in what is a fierce battle against illegal streaming in Portugal and implementing new anti-piracy measures in their territory,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, Vice President Anti-Piracy at NAGRA. “Our anti-piracy services provide a holistic approach to fighting piracy, by combining technology, investigations and legal actions to put a stop to illegitimate streaming of premium content. An increasing number of content owners are turning to us to help protect their live sports events from IPTV, Internet and social media streaming piracy and return viewers to the legitimate value chain. We look forward to supporting SPORT TV during this season’s games.”

NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services provide sports rights holders, content owners and service providers with advanced detection, real-time monitoring and takedown services, but also strategic and legal counsel, deep global intelligence combined with local expertise.

Along with NAGRA’s content protection technologies, including card-based and cardless conditional access, and NexGuard forensic watermarking, NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services help both service providers and content owners manage and disrupt today’s piracy ecosystem and the various piracy methods in operation around the world – from open and highly visible piracy on the Internet and social media, to key sharing and illegal commercial IPTV piracy services that compete with legitimate offerings.

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