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Jamaica, Singapore fall in Netflix ISP Speed Index

September 11, 2018

Netflix has released August data from its ISP Speed Index, its monthly update on which ISPs provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

The largest speed gain on the index this month was experienced by Flow in Jamaica. Speeds at Flow increased by 0.74 Megabits per second (Mbps), bringing its average monthly speed to 2.37 Mbps (from 1.63 Mbps in July). Other noteworthy gains were experienced by Indosat-Fibre in Indonesia, reaching a 4.14 Mbps average for August (up from 3.76 Mbps the month prior), and BSNL in India, reaching a 2.00 Mbps average (up from 1.66 Mbps in July).

Speeds at KBro in Taiwan and SK Broadband in South Korea declined notably this month. KBro’s speeds decreased to a monthly average of 2.80 Mbps (from 3.06 Mbps last month) and SK Broadband’s speeds slowed to 2.71 Mbps on average (down from 2.97 Mbps last month).

In country rankings, Jamaica dropped five spots to 51st (from 46th in July) and Singapore dropped four spots to 12th (from 8th in July).

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