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AWS takes satellite capacity from Iridium

September 28, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is in talks with satellite operator Iridium to extend its existing links which deliver Internet of Things (IoT) messages to those parts of the planet where terrestrial physical connectivity does not reach.

The new Iridium/Amazon service is called ‘CloudConnect’ and will see Iridium offering AWS Partner Network clients connectivity as AWS’s deployment choice for IoT.

“Each existing Iridium partner will be able to rapidly adopt AWS services due to the automated translation of the Iridium network’s proprietary protocols and industry standard IoT protocols supported by AWS IoT, to and from the appropriate devices and databases,” the company, which says it has some 630,000 active devices running on its network, said in a statement.

It has long been rumoured that Amazon is looking to develop its own satellite fleet for improved connectivity for AWS clients. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also backs the Blue Origin rocket launch system which could place suitable satellites into orbit.

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