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English Club TV Plus app on Amazon Fire TV

October 12, 2018

English Club TV together with Stormcast Cinema presents its English Club TV Plus App on Amazon Fire TV. The App provides subscribers with the unique opportunity to learn English 24/7 anywhere in the world and offers a comprehensive range of educational programmes for learners of all levels (beginner to advanced) as well as entertaining TV shows and movies with English subtitles. Users can install the App and screen the first episode of each programme for free.

Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group, commented on the launch: “Since OTT services are widespread in the U.S. in terms of video consumption, the demand for media players which access that content continues to grow: their adoption in U.S. households rose from just 6% in 2010 to almost 40% today. Amazon Fire TV is one of the key platforms on the OTT device video market, and we are excited to bring our unique edutainment content to its platform users to make learning English for them more comfortable, enjoyable and effective. English Club TV Plus App offers the full content library from the English Club TV Channel, divided into levels and topics, plus four live streams including the main version in HD and its adapted versions for different audiences. Our viewing schedule is based on three educational blocks for learners of different levels, and contains entertaining content since learning should be well balanced. There are also special time slots for kids and people who work in business, so that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for. Just choose the block or package of your interest and watch it at your convenience. English Club TV Plus – education without limits!“

Kevin Morris, Managing Director of Stormcast Cinema LLC, announced: “The English Club TV Plus app uses our OTT platform to its advantage by giving users the choice to learn English in either Video-on-Demand or a linear streaming format. Fire TV viewers around the world now have a quick and easy way to perfect their English from the comfort of their living room.”

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