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GfK: Black Friday TVs cheaper last year

November 23, 2018

Black Friday is here and following media articles over the last few days talking about the authenticity of Black Friday deals, GfK has provided some live pricing data from its Online Pricing Intelligence (OPI).

In the television category, there are less models being promoted this year. Half of models (49.2 per cent) are on sale in 2018 compared with two thirds (66.5 per cent) in 2017.  Just 4 per cent of models are at their lowest price during Black Friday, this is well down on last year when it was just over 20 per cent.  The average price drop is almost the same, at 12.4 per cent compared to 12.8 per cent a year ago.  However, the average price of promoted models is 11 per cent lower than in November 2017.

Michael McLaughlin, Head of Retail for the UK GfK says: “There are strong and genuine deals to be had this Black Friday, but they are amongst a bewildering array of offers and a lot of ‘noise’ in the market. Our analysis […] shows that there are less price drops this Black Friday than in 2017, and fewer items in these categories are at their lowest price today so far this year. Shoppers are embracing Black Friday, and we know they are becoming increasingly savvy, so they will be researching major purchases like these to get the best deals before they’re gone.”

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