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Research: Economising ups interest in smart home devices

January 3, 2019

Research from Parks Associates shows the prospect of saving money, either through reduced household bills or a discount on insurance premiums, raises the interest in smart home devices among 60 per cent of the US broadband households that do not own and do not intend to purchase a smart home device.

“Roughly 46 per cent of US broadband households currently have no intention to purchase any smart home devices,” said Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “Delivering on the promise of saving money is among the key factors that will drive purchase intentions among these consumers.”

“With an average of nine devices in US broadband households and growing, today’s home WiFi resembles a small business network— but without IT staff to secure and manage it,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, Founder/CEO, Minim. “It’s no wonder we’re seeing increased call volumes to ISPs, fifty-percent of which are WiFi related. We believe service providers can transform this pain point to increased revenue and customer satisfaction by offering holistic, smart home tech support. They just need the right toolset.”

“Connected products are innovating our lives,” said Jennifer Mallett, CEO/President, Level Up Your Home. “Service experiences need to be designed to meet that innovation in order to drive anticipated adoption and a more effortless ownership experience.”

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