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AnyClip launches free video player

February 15, 2019

AnyClip, the AI-driven video content data pioneer, has announced the launch of its free video player for publishers in the digital media ecosystem.

With this player, AnyClip says it is tackling the industry’s key pain points head-on, by eliminating the high operating costs and fees linked to delivering video on publishers’ websites. The proprietary, highly flexible video player provides publishers with free video streaming, free content storage, and zero ad serving fees.

AnyClip launched the video player with an option for publishers to operate it in tandem with its existing premium library of millions of video clips, as well as its recently launched LuminousX, the first end-to-end contextual video content, engagement, and monetisation solution.

“Paying for commodities like video players is now a completely obsolete concept,” said Gil Becker, President & CEO of AnyClip. “Publisher after publisher has shared with us their frustrations over the high cost of delivering video content. We are proud to be the first company to offer publishers the quickest player with zero operating cost and access to the best content matching and engagement technology. Publishers are no longer shackled with the need for costly video players and can finally make money with video.”

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