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Research: Global demand for tailored content

April 4, 2019

Research from Edgeware and YouGov, an international data and analytics group, has found that a high proportion of consumers would welcome TV content that is tailored to their personal preferences. According to the study, 89 per cent of adults across the UK, US, Hong Kong, Mexico and Spain would be interested in content that is aimed at their personal interests when watching traditional TV channels.

The research – which surveyed more than 6,500 adults across 5 countries – also found that 68 per cent would be interested in content aimed at their local area, while content aimed at their age group would appeal to 64 per cent of people. Furthermore, 68 per cent said they would be more likely to watch a traditional TV channel if programming was more tailored to them.

The figures clearly highlight a demand for TV channels that can be adapted to enhance the viewing experience by fitting to the preferences of different audiences, whether that be related to age demographics, fans of different sports teams or regional programming such as news and weather.

Additional research findings

  • Mexico (96 per cent) had the highest proportion of respondents that said they would be interested in content aimed at their personal interests when watching traditional TV channels.
  • This was followed by the UK and Hong Kong (both 88 per cent), Spain (87 per cent) and the US (85 per cent).
  • A quarter (25 per cent) of people across all regions surveyed would be ‘much more likely’ to watch a traditional TV channel if programming was more tailored to them.
  • Just over two-thirds (67 per cent) of respondents globally would be more engaged with TV adverts that were aimed at their interests.
  • The likelihood of engagement with personalised TV adverts geared towards someone’s personal interests and age group is higher among younger demographics.

With online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime continuing to attract more and more viewers, traditional TV broadcasters are facing a serious challenge when it comes to retaining audiences. This is illustrated by the fact that just over half (51 per cent) of adults surveyed said they would prefer to watch content they have selected through on-demand services, with just 38 per cent preferring content on traditional TV channels with scheduled programming.

“It’s no secret that TV broadcasters are facing increasing competitive pressures from digital platforms that are geared around personalised programming, which means they have to think about different ways of engaging viewers,” said Johan Bolin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Edgeware. “The ability to create tailored content would provide the ‘lean-back’ TV experience that many viewers still crave, making them more likely to tune in and helping broadcasters adapt to a changing industry.”

Edgeware’s new Virtual Channel Creation solution equips broadcasters with the tools to create alternative OTT versions of linear channels that are adapted to specific audiences, enabling them to enhance the viewing experience and increase the value of their existing live content.

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