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Alchimie to launch Army Stories

May 15, 2019

Thought up to satisfy the enthusiasts curiosity, Army Stories offers an exceptional collection of documentaries devoted to the Military World.

Historical documentaries, portraits of exceptional men and women, reports from deep inside the Military, focusing on equipment, vehicles and transport, technological innovations and cybersecurity, Army Stories explores all the facets of the world’s military powers, going beyond the  hackneyed clichés to expose the reality of the Army.

Alchimie who already distribute 80 channels in Germany, England, France, Australia and Spain, is partnering with Memento, the production company founded in 1999 by Stephane Rybojad and Thierry Marro to provide much of the content. Specialising since its inception in strong, investigative documentaries, Memento has, since 2002, co-produced a flagship documentary series with the Minister of Defence thus starting a strong relationship with the French Military. Memento has since produced sixty films on defence.

Thierry Marro, co founder of Memento says, “ We have been working with the French Army for over twenty years, and we are proud to see all this heritage compiled into a dedicated channel. Alchimie is clearly the only partner. For us, as traditional TV producers, digital and SVOD offer a strong opportunity for diversification.”

Concerning Army Stories, Antoine Robin, Director of Channels, Alchimie says “ After Humanity, the channel focused on great social documentaries, and Species, the channel on animals and protected species; Army Stories marks our desire to create strong brands that embrace our passions and hobbies, and on which our subscribers can satisfy their insatiable curiosity. Many others will follow very quickly”

Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO of Alchimie says. “Army Stories validates our editorially themed model, distributing and marketing producers catalogues where they are experts in their domain, like what has happened between Memento and the Army. With a library of over 25,000 hours, Alchimie is today offers an extended premium on the European SVOD market. We are well on our way to success and this is a true source of pride to us.”

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