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France: 42m listen to radio daily

May 23, 2019

Over 42 million French people aged 13 years and older listen to the radio daily, across a range of devices. according to data from Médiamétrie. Some 13.3 per cent (7.2 million ) of French people listen to radio every day on a digital device – a new record and a 1.1 point increase on last year.

Mobile phones are still the top digital device used to listen to the radio, with 3.9 million people using this method every day. Mobile phones are followed by computers (1.5 million listeners), the TV set (1.2 million), tablets (566,000) and portable audio players (125,000). Listening to the radio via smart speakers is growing and accounts for 461,000 daily listeners on average.

In addition, 2 million people listen to catch-up radio each day (catch-up radio includes all forms of time-shifted radio listening). Each listener spends an average of 1 hour and 2 minutes per day doing this.

On multimedia devices, the listening time was 2 hours 13 mins on average per day and per listener, i.e. 24 minutes less than on traditional radio sets (2 hours 37 mins).

The computer is the digital device on which people listen to the radio the longest (2 hours 35 mins on average per day and per listener), i.e. 39 minutes more than on a mobile phone (1 hour 56 mins).

Multimedia devices account for 13.6 per cent of the total radio listening volume, which takes into account the number of listeners and the time they spend listening to the radio each day – a level never before achieved, growing by 1.4 point in one year.

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