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EasyBroadcast invests in WAW Music

June 5, 2019

EasyBroadcast, a provider of end-to-end streaming solutions for TV channels, OTT service providers, and enterprises, has invested in WAW Music, the next-generation digital music service set to launch in Africa. WAW Music’s new streaming platform, WAW MUZIK, has already signed 10 million songs with Universal Music and will have Orange as its leading distributor. Partnering with WAW Music opens up a new revenue stream for EasyBroadcast and strengthens its position in Africa, a continent with an annual growth of 42 percent in the OTT market.

“Having EasyBroadcast as a technical partner and investor gives our new WAW MUZIK service a major boost,” said Jean-Philippe Audoli, CEO of WAW MUSIC. “EasyBroadcast’s patented technology will help us kick-start music streaming in Africa so that we can quickly start monetising the service.”

WAW MUZIK is a disruptive on-demand service that will offer a wide range of localised music and musical events. In addition to providing localised content, WAW MUZIK will accept micropayments through telecom network operators and local payment services to address users without credit cards. EasyBroadcast built the Android and iOS mobile streaming applications, transcoding platform, backend, content management system, loyalty points, monetisation mechanism, and analytics dashboard for WAW MUSIC’s streaming service.

“WAW Music is the smartest and most seamless way to give consumers access to culture around the world, especially in developing countries,” said Soufiane Rouibia, CEO at EasyBroadcast. “WAW Music will revolutionise the music industry with its intelligent micro-payment model that uses blockchain technology and its ability to provide the best music prices on the international market with the help of EasyBroadcast’s OTT platform.”

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